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      SUTT AUTOMATION, founded in 1961 and headquartered in the United Kingdom, is a leading company in the field of fluid control technology. Integrating valve and pipe manufacturing, SUTT AUTOMATION boasts world-class manufacturing equipment and processes, and provides fluid control solutions worldwide to assist customers in improving production efficiency and energy efficiency.

      ABOUT US

      Helly Engineering,Machinary & Automation started as the agent of world-famous brand automation products. For more than a decade, the company is keenly aware of mutual promotion and win-win results among product manufacturers, channel developers, and users in the automation industry value chain. The company is committed to becoming the product provider in the value chain and adheres to the philosophy of “generation through harmony and business development through hard work”, with a view to providing top-of-the-range automation products for the users worldwide,and providing professional solutions for the pulp & paper customers allover the world..

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      Helly Engineering,Machinary & Automation specializes in the R & D, manufacturing and technical services of production process automation systems and products. In 2011, the company invested in the UK SUTT core technology. The smart valve positioners developed in Sweden by virtue of this technology reaches the world’s leading level. The company sells automation products throughout the industries.