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      Solution for Pulp & Paper

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      We are provide total solution for pulp & paper customerss.

      Paper Machinery & Equipments 


      Film Sizer

      Soft Calender

      Machine Winder & Sltting Rewinder

      Machine Hood 

      Paper Machine Auxiliaries 

      Steam & Condensate System

      Lubrication System 

      Hydraulic System 

      Roll Handling System

      Suction Roll

      Fabric Conditioner

      Fabric Stretcher

      Steam Box

      Hot Disperser




      Water Ring Vacuum Pump


      Spare Rolls & Machine Consuming Parts

      Process Instrumentation & Automation

      Drive Control System 

      (Distributed Control System)

      quality control system

      Field Instruments

      Control Valves

      Energy Saving and Water Recycling

      White Water Recycling System

      Heat Recovery System 

      Heat Exchanger

      Technical Support & Engineering Services

      Technical Audit

      Feasibility Study

      Project Planning

      Mill Engineering

      Operation Optimization

      Process & Paper Machine Upgrade

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